Headhunter: Redemption Review

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Fierce gunplay make Redemption worth a shot


Just as the Dreamcast console bit the dust in 2001, Headhunter blasted onto the scene. Now making its Xbox debut, the bounty-hunting franchise finally has a chance to reach the audience it deserves.

This time the gun-totin’ action is split between two characters: original Headhunter Jack Wade and his rookie assistant, former street urchin Leeza X. Unlike most console match-ups, there’s ongoing tension between the heroes since Wade was responsible for the death of
his protégé’s father.

The violent gunplay has also been ramped up; while the first Headhunter saw players sneaking around sprawling levels to snuff out unsuspecting enemies, the roar of gunfire rarely ceases in Redemption.

The twitchy in-game camera doesn’t always keep up with the action, but the fierce gunplay and shaky relationship between the protagonists make Redemption worth a shot.