Haze Review

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The drugs don't work...


While game developers were once content with aliens, monsters and monkeys, a significant number of recent hits have been touched by a sharp political edge. Drugs are the latest issue to be tackled by a big budget title, Haze allowing players to experience both sides of the anti-narcotics debate.

A futuristic blaster in the Halo mould, Haze initially sees players taking control of a soldier fuelled by a drug that allows him to spot hidden enemies and predict attacks. Later in the game, players swap places with a rebel fighter and are able to use tactics such as playing dead to get the drop on their junkie rivals. But despite its fresh approach, this much-hyped title isn’t the killer property PS3 owners were expecting. Indeed, it’s little more than serviceable blaster that will leave the trigger-happy with a nagging sense of deja vu.

Disappointing graphics and bog-standard multiplayer also conspire to make Haze a crushing disappointment.