Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Review

Image for Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Following the movie's lead, this new HP instalment has an altogether darker tone than it's predecessors.


For Potter aficionados, Harry’s third year at Hogwarts marked a change of pace in the story of the Boy Who Lived, transforming the rookie wizard into a troubled teenager coming to terms with the consequences of his famous ancestry. Thankfully, the console spin-off from the third Potter movie is faithful to the mood and atmosphere of the book, even if it lacks the magical sparkle of J. K. Rowling’s novel.

Unlike previous Potter titles where Harry was the only playable character, gamers can now control Hermione and Ron and use the trio’s unique skills to solve puzzles and defeat enemies; sportsman Harry can leap between perilous platforms, gifted wizard Ron can spot secret rooms, and pint-sized Hermione can squeeze into tight tunnels.

The graphics do a fine job of capturing the story’s more mature themes, with models of the main players that look older and more detailed than in their previous console outings, and creepy recreations of the Dementors whose terrifying presence pervades the entire story.

But while the game feels different from its predecessors, the changes are merely cosmetic — the action is still a bland mixture of exploration, puzzle-solving and combat that will be familiar to seasoned gamers, and only appeal to the youngest of Potheads.