Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Review

Image for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Harry Potter steps up a level to challenge gamers as well as wizard fans.


Until now, most Harry Potter spin-off games have been a crushing disappointment, pandering to a young audience and alienating experienced gamers charmed by Rowling’s rollicking adventures. But for Order Of The Phoenix the developers have clearly listened to the criticisms levelled at previous instalments and created an escapade that has something for everyone.

While earlier Potter games followed a linear path, Order Of The Phoenix gives players more freedom to explore Hogwarts and other familiar locations, expanding on the world of the upcoming movie and allowing you to choose your own path through the story. A choice of difficulty settings also lets older players tailor the experience to their skill level, and the chance to control other characters from the Potter universe and use their unique powers adds variety to the action.

Best of all, though, is the spell-casting; each console’s controller has been used in a different way to mimic Harry’s magic-weaving, the effect being especially gripping on the Wii where you can use the Remote as a wand and cast spells using the machine’s motion-sensitive controls.