Hard Rock Casino Review

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Despite the prevalence of gambling websites, mobile phone card games and an ever-growing number of cable channels dedicated to poker, blackjack et al, the developers of Hard Rock Casino clearly think there’s a gap in the market for an all-encompassing casino simulator. But while HRC works hard to give digital gamblers a variety of ways to have a flutter, HRC’s shoddy presentation and lonely, single-player challenges will alienate all but the most insatiable chancer.

With 21 games on offer – including blackjack, poker, roulette and craps – HRC features everything you’d expect from a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, and even adds an extra layer of authenticity by allowing players to bet on virtual sports events.

The game also features a pseudo ‘adventure’ mode where you can earn money and use you ill-gotten gains to access new casinos and challenges, bringing a little more pace to the experience by giving players definite goals to achieve.

However, aside from HRC’s compelling selection of games, there’s little else to warrant a purchase, even at its bargain price: the visuals throughout are just on the wrong side of ugly, with few graphical flourishes to make the game easier on the eye; there’s no online multiplayer mode, putting HRC at a disadvantage when you consider the number of gambling games cluttering up the internet; and the tutorial sequences where you learn more about the games can only be accessed from the main menu, meaning you have to quit out of the ‘story’ mode if you need to swot up on your casino skills.