Gun Review

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Slightly poorer in visuals and nothing new. Disappointing.


Given the mind-boggling power of the 360, you’d think anything re-released on Microsoft’s gaming baby would look significantly better than its PS2 and Xbox counterparts. Shockingly, Gun looks worse.

Despite its higher retail price, Gun is exactly the same game as released on the PS2 and Xbox earlier this year, only this time the game’s graphical flaws are tragically magnified; the empty, sprawling locations look bland and blurred, peripheral characters look as if they’re about to fall apart at any moment, and an inexplicable darkness pervades the entire Wild West world, making the 360 game look less accomplished than earlier editions.

Gun’s Grand-Theft-Auto-with-cowboys premise is still tremendous fun – the action brought to life by a rip-roaring script from The Mask Of Zorro screenwriter, Randell Jahnson, and the voice talent of Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman and Lance Hendrickson – but it’s still unfair that 360 owners should be expected to pay an extra ten quid for a game that offers nothing new in return for its outrageous price tag.