Guild Wars: Eye of the North Review

Image for Guild Wars: Eye of the North

If Guild Wars floats your boat, this is exactly what you want.


Depending on how you look at it, Eye Of The North either has everything you’d possibly want from a fantasy dungeon crawl, or is a missed opportunity to welcome new players into the Guild Wars universe.

Despite the fact a true Guild Wars sequel is due to hit PCs next year, this new expansion pack is only open to players who’ve thrashed the original and reached Level 20, excluding anyone who hasn’t already committed themselves to the series and scuppering any chance of expanding GW’s fanbase. And with so many action role-players squabbling over your cash right now, NCSoft’s exclusive approach to the franchise is oddly short-sighted.

But for players who’ve already immersed themselves in Guild Wars, EOTN is a thrilling way to prolong the swashbuckling: aside from the expansive main quest that sees players battling a new breed of demons, there are a myriad side-quests and bonus challenges that keep the action fresh and will keep you glued to the game for months; the new skills and character races included on the disc add depth to the experience, while the sumptuous graphics help create a world that’s a genuine thrill to explore; and the brutal combat is infinitely more exciting than the leaden swordplay in many RPGs, especially when you hook up with other players for a spot of co-operative monster bashing.

More of the same, then. But if Guild Wars floats your boat, this is exactly what you want.