Goldeneye: Rogue Agent Review

Image for Goldeneye: Rogue Agent

The first Bond adventure for the Nintendo DS


As the DS’ first 007 adventure — and the only first-person shooter available on Nintendo’s new handheld — GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is sure to shift thousands of copies before another trigger-happy blaster steals its thunder. But if you’re looking for a Bond game as slick as its N64 namesake, this isn’t it.

For 30 quid, Rogue Agent offers little more than an afternoon’s distraction; the hero’s health recharges after only a few seconds, and enemy assailants are so stupid they can’t put up a decent fight. But that’s nothing compared to actually playing the game, which requires the use of a combination of the DS’ touch screen and shoulder buttons — a bewildering set-up that’s almost impossible to use and requires several extra thumbs and the steely grip of a Burmese gibbon.