Godzilla: Unleashed Review

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It's a total disaster...


As the latest in a long line of games starring Toho’s rubber green giant, few would expect Unleashed to atone for the sins of its disappointing forebears. However, even with the Wii’s expressive interface allowing players to master the King Of Monsters’ titanic powers, this latest outing is still an embarrassment to all but the hardiest Godzilla nutjob.

While moves such as punching monsters and demolishing buildings are unleashed when you swing the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, the motion controls are horribly inaccurate and make it tough to grab the enemy you want to grapple; a problem compounded by the fact that many moves are executed using similar gestures, so you’ll often find Godzilla making a pathetic jump when you really want him to attack. The game’s frustrating lock-on system is also unpredictable – continually focusing on small targets that pose little threat when you’re rapt in fisticuffs with a behemoth such as Megalon or Jet Jaguar – and while nobody expects skyscraper-scale monsters to be quick on their toes, the game’s slow, deliberate pace effectively strips any sense of excitement from this depressing brawler.