God Of War Review

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One of the most arresting video games in memory, to delight gamers and cinephiles alike


A sprawling adventure with all the production values of a Hollywood blockbuster, this is one of the most arresting video games in memory and one that will delight hardcore gamers and cinema buffs alike.

A twisted take on Greek mythology, God Of War casts you as Spartan warrior Kratos, a brutal son-of-a-bitch who’s challenged by the gods to stop a renegade deity from destroying Athens. However, after introducing him as the sort of badass who’d happily sacrifice his grandmother to appease Zeus, the game’s slick cut-scenes toy with our perceptions of the troubled anti-hero, transforming Kratos from unlikeable bastard to sympathetic protagonist as the story unfolds.

But even without its storytelling skills, God Of War would still be an incredible achievement; the controls are simple to learn and give you mastery of a riotous range of attacks, the graphics and music are stylish, and the monsters you meet are scary enough to give even Ray Harryhausen the willies.