God Of War: Chain Of Olympus Review

Image for God Of War: Chain Of Olympus

There's a monster in your pocket


As an epic franchise that’s consistently stunned PS2 players, GOW may seem an unlikely candidate for the PSP treatment. But while shoehorning the experience on to a UMD sounds like hideous mistake, Chains Of Olympus is the adventure PSP fans have been waiting for, and new proof of the capabilities of Sony’s beleaguered handheld.

Against all odds, everything you’ve come to expect from GOW has been squeezed onto the PSP, including the sprawling locations, dramatic soundtrack, and deviant imagination used to bring a menagerie of mythological monsters roaring to life. Miraculously, Chains Of Olympus also improves on the PS2 control set-up; without a second analogue stick, dodging moves are now unlocked by clicking PSP’s shoulder buttons, a system that makes for fluid battles as you never have to take your thumb off the attack buttons.

After months of disappointing software, it’s encouraging to see the PSP finding its feet again with titles such as GOW and Patapon. And while it’s unlikely Sony’s portable will ever boast a library as richly varied as the DS, GOW is reason enough to own both handheld consoles.