Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review

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Poltergeist pulveriser with a touch of class


The last time this license graced a video game, we were controlling monochrome stick figures on a ZX Spectrum. The license has come a long way since 1984 and, with a script by Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis, the voice talent of most of the original actors including Bill Murray, and a story that picks up two years after the second movie, this is the closest thing to a sequel since Vigo was banished back to his pig-ugly portrait in 1989.

Casting players as a trainee 'buster, and visiting many familiar locations from the Ivan Reitman flicks, the game does a fabulous job of thrusting you into the heart of the action, with a gripping atmosphere that blends laughs and scares, sharp visuals that create the grisliest of ghouls, and a Proton Pack that feels genuinely dangerous and unpredictable as you try to snag rogue spectres.

But while this is undoubtedly a five-star Ghostbusters experience, the game lacks the latitude to explore and freeform gaming that’s defined recent console hits, bringing an oddly old-fashioned edge to this poltergeist pulveriser that might disappoint more demanding players.