Gangs Of London Review

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Some good concepts don't deliver in this urban adventure.


Essentially a portable version of The Getaway, Gangs Of London thrusts players into a stylised polygonal city where you can team up with other lawbreakers, steal cars and take pot-shots at cockney hoodlums. But while Sony’s gangster series has already appeared twice on the PS2, the developers have failed to take on board the criticisms levelled at previous versions.

Although the city is beautifully detailed and designed, missions are limited to specific regions of London, restricting your movement and sabotaging the sense of freedom that makes GTA: Liberty City Stories a portable classic.
The over-sensitive car controls also take an inordinate amount of time to master – while the on-foot sections are barely playable – and many of the AI-controlled gangsters are so unspeakably stupid you can blast rivals point-blank without them even acknowledging you.

Repetitive missions and clumsy gun battles also mire an otherwise promising adventure, and even the special mode where you play a London cabbie and explore the sprawling city isn’t enough to save Gangs Of London from mediocrity.