Full Auto Review

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Shallow racer that's not worth its price tag


360 gamers starved for thrills after devouring Dead Or Alive 4 may be tempted to take a chance on Full Auto purely on the strength of its Sega badge, and because there won’t be anything else worth buying on the new ’box until the end of March. But even if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, this explosive racer isn’t worth its outrageous price tag.

Blending the arcade sensibitlies of Ridge Racer with Twisted Metal’s devotion to heavy weaponry, Full Auto plunges players into a series of sprawling, interactive environments where you can crash through windows, demolish water towers and topple bridges in your haste to reach the finish line, drivers also having access to a range of guns, missiles and a nifty Blinx-style device that allows you to reverse time and avoid deadly crashes.

But with a sluggish turn of speed that pales in comparison to the Burnout series, little variety in the weapons and shallow challenges that will fail to push even the greenest gamer, you’d be better off saving your pennies for Far Cry Instincts: Predator on March 31.