Forza Motorsport 4 Review

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Speed racer


Turn 10’s latest stint behind the wheel for Microsoft is pure unabashed car porn, an exemplary piece of work that has opted to favour arcade racing flair over the jaw-dropping realism on the track that PlayStation fans are so accustomed to when powering up Kazunori Yamauchi ode to motor sport, Gran Turismo 5.

Don’t let that last comment put you off – Forza 4 is just as impressive as both its rivals and predecessor, shoehorning in an impressive line-up of racing machines across 80 different manufacturers and enough thrills and spills on the track to warrant an unprecedented number of playing hours. And then there’s the freshly crafted Autovista mode, a feature that simply allows you to ogle at any car in the game in the middle of an aircraft hanger in excruciating detail – like we said, car porn – before nestling behind the wheel and taking it for a test drive.

Career mode returns with a little nip and tuck, now under the moniker of World Tour, while Forza’s online features have been streamlined into a more social playground for speedster fans. One of the most interesting additions to the roadmap laid out by the team at Turn 10 is the implementation of Kinect, which allows you to race controller-free and glance left and right in the middle of a race to check wing mirrors and get a better look at the next approaching apex. It works incredibly well in what’s definitely one of the most appealing uses of the hardware in a hardcore title.