Fired Up! Review

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Simple but fun, and if you go into multiplayer mode, highly addictive.


A gritty vehicle-based blaster where you burn around expansive levels and blow the crap out of anything that moves, Fired Up! is dizzying, delirious fun. But not for long.

Once you’ve got over the initial thrill of exploring the twisting levels and out-gunning gangs of Max Mad-style road warriors, it soon becomes apparent that there isn’t much to do after you’ve cracked the ludicrously simple challenges that drive the plot, and even discovering the hidden items in each world isn’t enough to keep you hooked until the bitter end.

However, if you can convince a group of PSP-owning mates to invest in their own copies of Fired Up!, there’s potentially months of gun totin’ fun to be had in the brutal head-to-head mode that supports wireless carnage for up to eight players.