Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Review

Image for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

FF goes handheld


Before hurling yourself into this latest bout of epic swashbuckling, there are a few things that fans of the game’s peerless PS2 progenitor will want to know…

In retooling the plot for a handheld console and younger audience, much of the game’s intrigue and drama has been sacrificed, leaving behind a juvenile and oddly shallow experience. In terms of combat, the action also lacks depth, the removal of the ability to teach your characters customised moves making for an impersonal approach to evolving your plucky adventurers.

Selecting individual fighters when they clump together on the battlefield can also be a chore, as can missing key scraps when warriors are rucking behind buildings and you can’t rotate the camera to see them.

Shortcomings aside, though, Revenant Wings is a beautifully presented quest that’s brought to life by the stellar production values and keen attention to detail that made Final Fantasy a worldwide smash, and anyone who invested time in the PS2 game will relish this opportunity to spend more time exploring the magical world of Ivalice.