FIFA 2006 Review

Image for FIFA 2006

A good, solid PSP sports experience.


Following in the wake of its classic console cousins, it wouldn’t be a surprise if FIFA on the PSP was little more than a pale imitation of its distinguished predecessors. In reality, though, it’s a worthy addition to EA’s million-selling soccer series.

Although it’s difficult to pull-off some of the game’s complex trick shots as the PSP doesn’t offer the same intuitive interface as a console controller, FIFA 06 nonetheless offers pretty much everything that fans of the series have come to expect, including 350 fully licensed club and international teams, a transfer option and a slick challenge mode where you can try your hand at over 40 real-life scenarios and use your silky skills to win the day.

But what really makes FIFA 06 essential is its head-to-head mode where you can challenge your friends using the PSP’s wireless connection, an option that occasionally suffers from jerky animation but is still the best footy experience on any portable console.