Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer Review

Image for Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

It's clobbering time again with another dire movie tie-in


After enduring the last Fantastic Four spin-off in 2005 - a game of such astonishing ineptitude that the single star it was awarded in Empire was excessively generous - the prospect of playing the next instalment is enough to fill any reviewer with dread. But, against all odds, Rise Of The Silver Surfer is even worse than expected.

Describing the game without resorting to a tirade of obscenities is a challenge, but here goes nothing: the brawling action is wretchedly vapid, pitting crude recreations of the heroic quartet against a relentless procession of humdrum enemies, in levels so mind-numbingly dull it’s a crushing chore to keep playing; it’s virtually impossible to die, meaning you can complete the whole damned thing in a single sitting; using the Four’s special abilities is limited to irritatingly brief bursts before their power depletes; and the multiplayer mode doesn’t boast any online component, so the only way to team up with friends is to have them rolling around your sofa in hysterics, taunting you for wasting 40 quid on one of the worst movie spin-offs ever unleashed.