Fable Review

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Fantasy frolics from the brains behind Black & White


If you've been following the development of Fable over the past five years then you'll know that it was originally conceived as the ultimate freeform RPG. It isn't. But, while the end product fails to live up to the original ambition, there's still much here to get excited about.

Owing more to Zelda than Final Fantasy in the console RPG stakes, this is a hack 'n' slash adventure where you'll run errands, defeat foes and undertake missions as a hero for hire, all to gain experience and turn your character into a bigger, better killer. Moral choices play a key part too, affecting your character's appearance: be it luminescent and surrounded by butterflies or twisted and horned should you slaughter too many villagers.

This isn't the longest or most involved adventure you'll come across but, thanks to some well-placed humour (The regional voice acting is endlessly entertaining) and a fluid, easily-mastered combat system, Fable is a great deal of fun while it lasts.