Everybody's Golf Review

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Just about par


When the PS Vita launched in Japan in December, the biggest-selling launch title wasn't Ridge Racer or Uncharted: Golden Abyss – instead, that accolade went to the latest edition of Everybody's Golf.

A sporting series that remains virtually unchanged since its debut in 1997, this new-fangled edition ups the ante by offering players a new tactile interface where the PS Vita’s touchscreen, rear touch pad and gyroscope can be used to take shots, move around the courses or view upcoming challenges. But while these new input methods work beautifully and are fun to experiment with, for serious matches the tried-and-tested power bar and action button are still the most accurate way to play, and most players will interact with Everybody's Golf in exactly the same way they always have and shun the developer's valiant attempts to try something new.

As a traditional sports sim, Everybody's Golf is hard to fault as it polishes a successful formula and offers an experience that's fun, familiar, and delivers realistic golfing action that belies its cutesy style. But as you could be marvelling at WipEout's incredible graphics or getting to grips with the clever motion controls in Escape Plan, it's hard to recommend this solid simulation as a way to showcase your expensive new toy.