The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Review

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Jaw-droppingly worthy follow-up to Morrowind


An adventure of unrivalled scope, depth and imagination, The Elder Scrolls
IV: Oblivion is the most innovative and awe-inspiring RPG since the glory days of Final Fantasy and The Legend Of Zelda.

Although the game’s medieval setting will be familiar to gamers weaned on traditional role-playing epics, what sets the latest Elder Scrolls apart from its peers is an unrivalled sense of freedom; according to developers Bethesda the game world is over 16 miles wide, an absurdly-detailed digital landscape where you can ditch the main story altogether and still find a million things to do, whether they by beefing-up your hero, completing side-quests for local punters or hunting for hidden treasure.

The presentation throughout is stunning - the lush environments brought to life by graphics, sound and lighting effects that set dizzying new standards for adventure gaming - and the chance to jump on a horse and explore the empire of Tamriel is the most exhilarating experience since Link first rode Epona across Hyrule Field in the N64’s Ocarina Of Time.

An experience limited only by your imagination, Oblivion is a genuinely stunning piece of software and a quest that significantly raises the bar for future role-players.

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