Dynasty Warriors 6 Review

Image for Dynasty Warriors 6

Getting feudal on their asses...


When Dynasty Warriors 6 was released in Japan last year, PS3 sales trumped the Wii for the first and only time. But even though Far Eastern gamers can’t get enough of Koei’s epic series and its myriad spin-offs, this sixth instalment of dizzying brutality still isn’t enough to seduce Western players weaned on first-person blasters and deep strategy games.

Although DW6 follows the same formula as its predecessors, the list of enhancements for the series’ PS3 debut is impressive: the graphics are stunning, with motion-captured facial expressions and animations that make the warriors feel more realistic than ever before; the game’s vast armies are more intelligent than their dumbass predecessors, making for more engaging combat and offering seasoned fans a fresh challenge; and the ability to swim across rivers, climb ladders and break down barriers gives players more freedom to explore the worlds and hatch new combat strategies, making DW6 the most accomplished game in the franchise.

However, despite these subtle tweaks, the action still revolves around rattling buttons and slaughtering huge swathes of enemies, a humdrum routine that doesn’t bother Japanese gamers who relish the chance to experience their violent feudal ancestry, but makes Western gamers feel disconnected from the impenetratable story.