Dungeon Lords Review

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Dire dungeon romp that will offend even the most die-hrd RPG'er


A shadowy world of dragons, elves and wizards should be a dream come true for game designers, a place where their imagination can run free and create mythical lands that Tolkien himself would be proud of. Sadly, it seems that the developers of Dungeon Lords just couldn't be arsed.

Although the adventure is brimming with gloomy dungeons, elven cities and dusty dragons’ lairs, spotting the difference between these areas often proves impossible, making for a bland, tedious experience where the thrills of exploration are replaced by the nagging bite of boredom.

Add to this obnoxious heroes you won't give a toss about, leaden dialogue that takes itself much too seriously and voiceover actors with as much personality as Jordan, and it's a wonder anyone thought Dungeon Lords was actually worth publishing.