Driver: Parallel Lines Review

Image for Driver: Parallel Lines

Putting some horsepower back into the franchise...


Like Tomb Raider, the Driver games grew steadily worse as the series progressed, to the point where most players switched their allegiance to Rockstar’s GTA. But like Lara’s latest outing, Parallel Lines puts the Bullitt-inspired franchise back on track. Focusing on the car chases that made the series so exciting in the first place, Parallel Lines strips away most of the ‘on foot’ sections that blighted previous instalments, putting players firmly behind the wheel of heavy, noisy motors that handle better than anything GTA has to offer.

The game’s two time periods, slick storytelling and incredible graphics also help make this a perfect choice for anyone seduced by San Andreas’ driving missions, but if you’re a Driver fan, you may feel as if you’ve played it all before.