Driv3r Review

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Hollywood production values, tinseltown voice talent andwhite knucle car chases.


Although developers have long been trying to blur the boundaries between movies and games, their efforts have either just missed
the mark (True Crime, Grand Theft Auto) or completely cocked it up (Enter The Matrix). But with Driv3r, Atari may just have cracked it.

Featuring budget-busting Hollywood production values, Tinseltown voice talent — including Michael Madsen, Ving Rhames, Michelle Rodriguez and Mickey Rourke — and white-knuckle car chases that recreate the impact of movies such as Bullitt, The French Connection and Ronin, Driv3r feels closer to the movie masterpieces that inspired it than any direct spin-off you’d care to mention.

The replay mode also allows budding film directors to relive their finest moments of road rage by altering camera angles, adding slick visual effects, slowing the action to Bullet Time, then cutting the footage to create their own high-octane cinematic magic.

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