Doom 3 Review

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Guaranteed to live with you long after you hit ’shut down’


When Doom first shot to fame in 1993, its pleasures were simple and incessantly brutal: butcher everything that moved and get the hell out of a Martian space station overrun by Beelzebub’s bad boys. Now, after four years in development, the nightmare is back, only this time it’s evolved into a very different beast.

Unlike the previous games where your only motivation was survival, Doom 3 brings a strong sense of storytelling to the slaughter; this time the nightmarish tale unfolds in a series of slick CG movies, making for a deeper, more compelling experience where you actually care what happens to your hapless hero.

But the main reason to buy Doom 3 is its genuinely terrifying atmosphere — from realistic, dancing shadows to towering Hell-spawn, this is one game that’s guaranteed to live with you long after you hit ’shut down’. As Arnie said in Total Recall, “Get your ass to Mars.”