Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review

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Sourcerors: an awful portmanteau, but a real threat to the world of Divinity. Wielders of a malign form of magic known as Source, their presence has given rise to Source Hunters. Namely, you; or rather the duo of customisable characters you (and possibly friends, in co-op) guide through Larian Studios' epic fantasy universe to defeat the foul scourge.

Revamping last year's Kickstarter-funded PC smash hit for consoles with thousands of content additions, tweaks, and improvments (and bringing those same enhancements back to PC), the biggest concern was how it would deliver its complex, top-down, Baldur's Gate style RPG experience to consoles. Thankfully, the answer is "pretty well".

Even without the highly specific controls afforded by a mouse and keyboard, input maps well to a joypad - for instance, the hotbar for spells and special actions is accessed by holding a shoulder button and selecting the desired move. Smart implementation of radial dials and button mapping also helps enormously in keeping the game accessible. The stat-heavy and detail-oriented menu screens scale surprisingly well to playing on a TV screen too, leaving you free to get absorbed by the game's deep story and intricate lore.

And how absorbing it is - with full voicing for every character, new areas to explore and skills to aquire, and fresh combat styles such as dual-wielding of weapons, Original Sin feels like an original experience, even if you've played the initial PC release.

There remain sticking points though - inventory management is still a real pain at times, and the game's sheer density in places will continue to be alienating for some players. This isn't the kind of title you can effortlessly sink into, but then again, it never claims to be. It's unapologetically a hardcore, old-school RPG. Divinity is a game you need to work at for a while before truly 'getting', but once you do, there's little else that can rival it for its scale and ambition.