Destroy All Humans! Review

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Taking the best bits of 1950's sci-fi schlock and bending it...


A hysterical blend of outrageous cartoon violence and 1950s sci-fi schlock, Destroy All Humans! plays like Grand Theft Auto directed by Tim Burton. But rather than casting players as the bumbling hero of an Ed Wood flick, DAH! stars a bug-eyed alien with an insatiable hunger for human DNA.

Taking its lead from today’s biggest console titles, DAH! liberally mixes gaming styles; one moment you’ll be disguised as a farmer, sneaking around sleepy villages Splinter Cell-style to avoid pesky G-men, the next you’re behind the wheel of a tooled-up UFO, using a death ray to destroy everything in sight à la LucasArts’ Mercenaries.

The game also does a fine job of paying homage to its source material — the music and unearthly sound effects perfectly capture the mood of alien-invasion classics such as The Day The Earth Stood Still — but repetitive saucer missions and a smattering of shallow challenges mean DAH! falls short of five-star glory.