Dead Man's Hand Review

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A fistful of controller...


With Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns getting the DVD special edition overhaul - and Kevin Costner's Open Range in cinemas - it's about time that an Old West adventure saddled up to entertain console owners, a fact not lost on the developers of Dead Man's Hand.

A classic tale of betrayal and revenge, the game allows players to do anything that The Man With No Name could, from shooting hats off heads and fanning their pistol for repeated fire, to shooting up saloons and jumping on horseback for fast-paced gun battles. Dead Man's Hand also allows up to 16 players to take part in a variety of online challenges, where they can hunt down bandits or protect their village from an army of outlaws.

However, to earn a top score and nify trick shots, the stubbly gunslinging hero has to shoot items and enemies in quick succession to fill the game's Legendary Meter, a clumsy, badly-executed idea that distracts from the main adventure and quickly becomes frustrating.