Dead Island Review

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Zombie land


Despite shuffling its way to the top of the multi format charts and taking a bite out of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the process, Dead Island has polarised critics and gamers since it began spreading its infection across consoles and PC.

Set on the fictional pacific island of Banoi, Dead Island puts you in control of one of four characters on a plush hotel resort that’s been overrun by the walking dead. In spite of the familiar narrative and survival horror tropes, developer Techland has managed to inject new life into the pixelized walkers by steering its opus heavily towards the RPG genre, rather than venturing down the oft-travelled first person shooter path.

You’ll have use whatever melee weapons that come to hand to cave undead skulls in, including planks of wood, bats and steel pipes – there are firearms, but they’re few and far between – all the while developing your slaughtering skills and levelling up throughout Dead Island’s sizeable campaign. Techland’s latest is far from a flawless affair and marred by glitches, but if you can look past its imperfections and invest a little time, you’ll find a deeply engrossing experience underneath all that rotting flesh.