Darkwatch Review

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The most wildly enjoyable shooting game in months


A devilish blaster that plays like a cross between High Noon and From Dusk Till Dawn, Darkwatch is the most wildly enjoyable shooting game in months.

Set in the Old West and starring an array of dusty clichés, Darkwatch finds players crossing the Arizona desert and using everything from six-shooters to sticks of dynamite to blow undead horrors into bite-sized chunks. And as the damage from your guns is location-based – allowing you to blow heads and limbs off reanimated corpses as they lumber towards you – the action is hysterical, thrilling and toe-curlingly gruesome.

Dramatic horseback shootouts, the chance to choose the path of good or evil and access to a range of special vampire powers also help make Darkwatch a compelling experience, but a paltry selection of multiplayer modes means there’s little left to lure you back for more once you’ve capped the final monster.