Darkstalker's Chronicle: The Chaos Tower Review

Image for Darkstalker's Chronicle: The Chaos Tower

A beat 'em up for anyone who loves Streetfighter.


If there’s one PSP title sure to get fanboys in a lather, it’s Capcom’s Darkstalkers Chronicle. But while Chaos Tower is an almost-perfect port of the classic arcade brawler, the dumbed-down PSP controls will leave some devotees fuming.

A 2D beat ’em up in the Street Fighter mould, Darkstalkers features a dazzling roster of cartoon fighters, each bursting with colour and personality; from a kung fu werewolf to a high kicking vampire, the anime-inspired characters are just as charming as the scrappers in Tekken and Dead Or Alive, even if they look a little dated beside their fleshed-out console cousins.

The option to clobber other players via the PSP’s wireless connection helps make Darkstalkers one of the best portable fighting games ever published, but the PSP’s button layout can’t compete with the six-key configuration used in the arcades, making it tough to unleash complicated strikes or make the most of the game’s chained attacks.