Dark Void Review

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Jetpacking for joy


Part silly sci-fi romp fused with the pulpy style of classic Hollywood Golden era matinee movies, Dark Void is already pegged for celluloid glory with Brad Pitt and Plan B Entertainment scooping the rights to Airtight’s aptly coined ‘vertical shooter’. Brad Pitt. Jet packs. Sci-fi. Colour us excited.

In the game you play Will, a cargo pilot slung into the throng of all-out war between humans and Watchers - alien fiends with a penchant for Homo sapiens subjugation – after a detour through the Bermuda Triangle goes awry. The objective is simple: battle evil ETs with a combination of alien weaponry and fisticuffs to save the Ark (a giant mother ship bound for our world). Oh, and you’ve got a jetpack. Yes, a jetpack.

Turning an otherwise solid third-person gunner into an exercise in genre splicing, Airtight kits you out in Rocketeer-style garb before catapulting you into the skies for kinetic aerial dogfights with UFOs, dovetailing seamlessly into equally rollicking bouts of ground-pounding. Capcom’s Dark Void is ultimately a breath of fresh air in an otherwise overcrowded world of Unreal Engine shooters, which hurls you headfirst into an adventure so damn enjoyable even that Inglourious Basterd Brad Pitt digs it.