The Da Vinci Code Review

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Dull and puzzle-heavy spin-off


If you’ve already had enough of The Da Vinci Code — and let’s face it, who hasn’t? — we’ll save you valuable moments reading about this console spin-off by revealing it’s a crushingly dull, puzzle-heavy adventure.

Faithful to the film, then.

If you want more details on why the game’s so objectionable, try this for size: the characters are devoid of personality, as well as visually bland and voiced by actors who sound as bored by Dan Brown’s Catholic-baiting yarn as the rest of us; the jerky animation makes it look like the game was coded by arthritic chimpanzees; the combat lacks any skill and boils down to hitting buttons in the correct order; and as the puzzles are based on a book half the planet’s read, there’s absolutely no mystery in how to solve them.