CSI 2: Dark Motives Review

Image for CSI 2: Dark Motives

Cerebral crime busting ala the Emmy winning TV show.


CSI’s cerebral crime busting may not be an obvious choice for a gaming spin-off, but with almost 29 million viewers every week Stateside, it was only a matter of time before an enterprising developer gave it a shot.

Thankfully, Dark Motives manages to capture the spirit and atmosphere of the Emmy award-nominated show without sacrificing the tense drama or scientific validity it’s famous for.
With a bulging bag of forensic tools, players are taken to a series of grim crime scenes where they can collect evidence and question suspects before scuttling back to the lab to examine their findings and type up search warrants.

Like the show, the game features reconstructions of how the unfortunate victims met their maker; a camera rocketing up an oesophagus to demonstrate how a person vomited at the point of death is particularly memorable. And with the voice talents of the entire CSI cast, Dark Motives is a rewarding quest that will delight fans of the TV series.