Crysis Review

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War is goood!


Despite its four-year vintage - and last year’s hideously ugly Wii outing - Crytek’s Xbox and PC versions of Far Cry still look incredible, the game’s lush jungles and dazzling effects providing a unique backdrop for Jack Carver’s crafty creeping and savage slayings. But in Crysis, the German developer’s graphical prowess has been taken to dazzling new heights, the photorealistic locations, sumptuous shadows and beautifully-animated enemies providing a perfect backdrop for the game’s intense gunplay.

And the thrills don’t end with the graphics. Your hero’s futuristic battle suit - packed with a blitzkrieg of baddy-bashing gadgets - will make you feel like a super hero, especially when you switch on the Predator-style cloaking device, sneak up behind a group of soldiers and brutally snap their necks. The freeform action – which allows you to tackle objectives in any way you choose – will delight both habitual action gamers and anyone who prefers using a little more stealth, but best of all are the hugely destructible environments that add extra energy to every skirmish as buildings crumble around you and blasted trees fall over and crush unwitting opponents.

The sprawling online mode - where 32 players can hook up and do battle - means there are months of bloodthirsty pleasure to be had from the game... even if you do need to spend thousands upgrading your PC to get the best from this memory-sapping experience.