Crashday Review

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Greatest hits-style racer doesn't quite hit the spot


Like a ‘greatest hits’ package for dedicated petrol-heads, Atari’s Crashday blends the best ideas from 20 years of console racers.

Ridge Racer fans will feel immediately at home with the pacy arcade action, sliding around impossible bends and hitting insane speeds without ever troubling the breaks. Anyone charmed by the Twisted Metal series will recognise Crashday’s heavy weaponry, each of the futuristic vehicles equipped with rockets and missiles that can make the difference between first and last place. Nintendo’s F-Zero even acts as inspiration, with vehicles that can use speed boosts throughout entire races, and a friendly course-creation option lets you create your own circuits à la TrackMania.

Sadly, though, what the game lacks is excitement. The computer-controlled racers rarely put up a decent fight and are dull to race, the presentation is average at best, and the whole game can be completed in a couple of hours, making Crashday a poor imitation of the titles it riffs on.