Conker: Live And Reloaded Review

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Eye popping graphics and fun poking pastiches of recent cinema history make this a winner


Cruelly overlooked as the Nintendo 64 died a slow death in 2001, Bad Fur Day has been revamped and re-released on the Xbox with this new moniker, complete with eye-popping graphics and a new online mode that allows players to slaughter each other with grenades and bazookas packed with cow shit. Thankfully, though, the game’s razor-sharp movie parodies remain intact.

Whether it’s Conker and his foul-mouthed friends battling a robotic haystack in a homage to The Terminator, or the titular squirrel watching as his cute comrades are shot to ribbons in a Private Ryan-style beach landing, Reloaded pokes fun at key moments from recent cinema history. Moreover, it’s a credit to the developers that each of these hilarious sequences is more satisfying than any officially-licensed movie spin-off, with the slick Wachowski pastiche exposing Enter The Matrix for the pile of crap it really was.