Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus Review

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The PSP adaptation of this franchise doesn't disappoint.


Codemasters’ Colin McRae games have consistently been the best rally racers on any system, and the series’ PSP debut doesn’t disappoint.

The graphics throughout are gorgeous, with cars that look just as sturdy as their real-life counterparts as they burn through naturalistic environments and deal with appalling weather conditions that really push the PSP’s graphical powers. The realistic car damage is well managed too, being forgiving enough to give players a thrilling ride but constantly reminding you that the madcap manoeuvres of Ridge Racer won’t get you anywhere near the finishing post.

But while it all looks and feels great, the best thing about Colin McRae Rally 2005 is the sense of control; while the analogue controller feels twitchy in TOCA or F1 Grand Prix, the developers have got to grips with it for CMR, allowing you to expertly weave around the courses as a long-suffering co-driver keeps you informed of every twist and turn.