Clive Barkers Jericho Review

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Get gruesome with the original Hellraiser


Spare a thought for Clive Barker. Despite his stories being the perfect backdrop for gruesome gaming, few people bothered to play the first adventure based on his dark work – the underrated Undying – and his second foray into digital scaremongering, Demonik, was canned before it even reached stores.

But while Jericho doesn’t boast the depth or slickness of recent release BioShock, it’s nonetheless a clever take on squad-based skirmishes and will delight gorehounds and shooting fans alike.

Uniquely, Jericho allows players to instantly switch between the members of a super-powered team of soldiers, each boasting unique powers such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, mind-control and supernatural sniping. Moreover, while team blasters are de rigueur these days, Jericho’s ballsy heroes boast more personality than the khaki-clad cannon fodder found in most wartime shooters, quickly fostering an emotional link between players and their digital buddies that will keep you hooked until the last monster’s been packed-off back to hell.

Crucially, fans of Barker’s tales will also feel right at home with Jericho’s visceral visuals, the game’s gore-soaked ancient ruins and kinky, bondage-loving, knife-wielding zombies helping to set the game apart in a crowded market.