Clash Of The Titans Review

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Titans will crash


As a licensed videogame based on an forgettable movie, few players harboured much hope for the inevitable Clash Of The Titans spin-off. But as it’s turned out to be worse than the blockbuster that inspired it, this mythological mash-up is a failure of near-epic proportions.

An unabashed God Of War lite – where relentlessly ratting the attack buttons and copying onscreen sequences is the order of the day – what’s most offensive about Clash is its shabby presentation. From the lazy level design that only sees players exploring a handful of clichéd environments, to the embarrassing cutscenes that are delivered with all the subtlety and panache of a South American telenovela, Clash Of The Titans is the sort of identikit, button-bashing brawler hassled publishers have been using to fleece unwitting gamers since the dawn of digital entertainment. And while many a bad game has been saved from mediocrity by flash graphics and a obvious love for its source material, Clash Of The Titans’ muddy visuals, repetitive enemies and humdrum combat make it feel as if the developers simply couldn’t muster enough energy to squeeze a decent game from Perseus’ colossal quest.

Drab and derivative, Clash Of The Titans is one of the most disappointing movie spin-offs in recent memory, and an adventure most gamers will have suffered in one form or another a million times before.