Civilization IV: Warlords Review

Image for Civilization IV: Warlords

Warlords enhances Civilization IV’s familiar structure with a host of new features.


Chances are, if you fell for Civilization IV’s charms when it first hit stores six months ago, you’ve barely scratched the surface of Sid Meier’s ocean-deep, ridiculously rewarding epic. But for anyone who’s gorged themselves on the game and is hungry for more world domination, the Warlords expansion pack is a sublime treat.

Basically more of the same, Warlords enhances Civilization IV’s familair structure with a host of new features; six new civilisations including the Celts, Vikings and Zulus spice up the experience with unique units and famous leaders; new ‘warlord’ units enhance your performance on the battlefield and speed up military production; and new wonders of the world – including the Great Wall of China – can transform how your chosen civilisation evolves over time.

Best of all, though, the new scenarios offer seasoned players completely new ways to play the game, including the Genghis Khan set-up where the battles are launched from nomadic camps, and the bloodthirsty Barbarians who are intent on nothing more than pillaging and the utter destruction of rival races.