Chrome Hounds Review

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Slow and plodding for any but the most avid fans of 'mech'gaming.


According to the developers of Chrome Hounds, military technology will evolve to such a point that battles will be fought using beefed-up robots, each boasting enough firepower to demolish the most fortified enemy base.
But if tomorrow’s warmongers build ‘mechs’ as useless as the metal-heads in this shambles of a game, God help us all…

The biggest problem with Chrome Hounds is its pedestrian pace; loading your mech with weapons adds extra weight, meaning it takes an age to plod across the battlefields and causing you to miss key moments in the explosive skirmishes. Then again, as it’s difficult to target your enemies without switching to the claustrophobic first-person view – in turn severely limiting your perspective on the carnage – the battles are such a chore that you’ll probably give up before you lumber into the first firefight.

In Japan – a country obsessed with Very Big Robots – Chrome Hounds won decent reviews and is brought to life by players who spend their lives online in Xbox Live multiplayer games. But if you aren’t already an aficionado of mech gaming, this may make you lose the will to live.