Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Review

Image for Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

A kid's game that hasn't just been aimed at kids.


While most games inspired by a family film are about as mature as the frontrow of a McFly concert, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is a bold attempt to hook older players charmed by Tim Burton’s psychedelic trip. But it still feels like a Mario game without a soul.

In terms of presentation the game is flawless, with candy-coloured worlds and plenty of puzzles requiring players to bully Oompa-Loompas and use Willy Wonka’s sweets as tools to progress through the levels. Sadly, the novelty soon wears thin; you’re constantly pushed down a narrow path — allowing for little of the exploration that makes Mario games so thrilling — and while ordering Wonka’s helpers to do your dirty work is fun for a while, the routine soon becomes crushingly dull.