The Cat In The Hat Review

Image for The Cat In The Hat


Dr. Seuss' Cat In The Hat books may have enough surreal imagery and offbeat humour to entertain even the most bleary-eyed parent, but the gaming tie-in of Bo Welch's beleagured movie is aimed exclusively at the under-tens.

The shallow platform adventure finds the eponymous feline trapped in a garish house where items such as plant pots and refrigerators have become gateways to themed worlds where Cat collects bottles of magic and dodges well-known Seuss characters such as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Naturally the in-game graphics take their inspiration from Seuss' books, but the rough, poorly drawn characters and uninspiring backgrounds fail to capture the flair and imagination of the good doctor's work, making the adventure feel like nothing more than a cheap rush-job to cash-in on the Hollywood movie.

The banal bonus games and repetitive enemies make The Cat In The Hat one of the most disappointing kids' games in recent memory.