Canis Canem Edit Review

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Schoolkid, task-based game with a lot going for it.


Despite the uproar caused by anti-bullying campaigners, Canis Canem Edit — which looks for all the world like Grand Theft Auto crossed with Grange Hill — isn’t the Columbine simulator critics had feared. Instead, it’s a good-natured, old-fashioned romp that has more in common with Harry Potter than Scum, and follows the trials of a neglected kid as he joins an American boarding school and tries to win the acceptance
of his peers; the surly, good-with-his-fists teen often preventing the runts of the social hierarchy being bullied, rather than dishing out unwarranted punishment himself.

But for anyone who’s played GTA, Canis’ sprawling, non-linear structure — where completing tasks wins the respect of teachers and friends alike, and opens new areas
of the school and surrounding town — will be achingly familiar. And while it’s hilariously scripted and tremendous fun, it’s undeniably a little disappointing that Canis follows
GTA’s template so doggedly, rather than using the charming premise to offer something completely fresh.