Call Of Duty: World At War Review

Image for Call Of Duty: World At War

Private Miller takes on Tojo


Here’s the thing – if you loved Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, you’re going to love this: it plays the same, has the same set of delirious multiplayer modes, and is a savage, immersive take on the horrors of war that throws you right into the thick of the action. The only thing it doesn’t have is anything new to shout about.

Those with an unconditional love for the series will be quick to point out that the game’s World War II setting is completely different to Modern Warfare, and that the campaigns where you face off against the Japanese are intensely exciting as troops will rush from trenches or pop out of hidden holes to try and slash you up. The game’s new bayonets and flamethrowers also add new tension to close-quarters combat, and the two-player split-screen and four-player online co-operative campaigns add longevity to the experience, as does the new multiplayer mode where you’re trapped in a house surrounded by undead Nazis.

But aside from these cosmetic upgrades, playing World At War is a bit like ordering a Big Mac and getting one – exactly what you expected, with no surprises. Which is no bad thing, given that Call Of Duty is still one of the most realistic, gritty and pant-fillingly terrifying wartime shooters on the shelves today.