Call of Duty 2 Review

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The most authentic wargaming and gunplay you'll find


Without a Halo game to launch Microsoft’s latest box of tricks, most players are looking to Perfect Dark Zero for their bloodthirsty kicks. But for quality gunplay to christen your new console, Call Of Duty 2 is the one to own.

Sticking close to the classic formula established by the original COD, the sequel pulls out every stop to create a ferocious, fiendishly immersive experience that makes you feel like part of a real WWII skirmish; unlike COD’s eerily silent battlefields, frenzied war chatter is all-pervasive in this latest edition – with the agonised cries of wounded allies and bark of angry Nazis all around – and with planes dogfighting in the sky and computer-controlled troops going about their brutal business often oblivious to your presence, this is unquestionably the most authentic and engaging war game on the shelves.