Burnout: Legends Review

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The coolest racing game yet for PSP


There may be a tailback of outrageous PSP racers waiting for your attention right now, but Burnout Legends leaves the competition for dust.

Essentially a 'greatest hits' package that blends the best cars, tracks and features from EA’s evergreen series, Legends is one of the best-looking games so far on Sony’s new handheld, the slick rocking and blurring effects creating a breathtaking sense of speed that makes Midnight Club III: DUB Edition look like a Sunday afternoon drive in the country.

All the series’ best features – including spectacular crashes, insane speed boosts and the ability to steer your wrecked car, Bullet Time-style, into the path of oncoming rivals – are included in this portable package, but it’s the ability to challenge five friends via the console’s wireless connection that makes Legends an essential purchase.